Our Services

Are You Working On Your Schedule or the Ready-Mix Company's Schedule?

Concrete Express' Anytime Delivery • Nights, Weekends and Holidays • We Deliver When You Need It!

Are Your Crews Waiting For Your Small Deliveries?

Concrete Express does not rely on batch plants or transit trucks to provide you with the concrete you need. When you place an order with us, we dispatch to your job site. Our trucks are basically 'Concrete Plants on Wheels.'

Are You Over-Ordering Concrete You Don't Use?

Since our product is mixed as you use it, there is no 'waste concrete' to pay for. With Concrete Express, you are only charged for the amount of concrete which is actually used!

Are You Ready to Save Money?

Concrete Express' compact, maneuverable five-cubic yard units have the capacity to deliver five yards in approximately 15 minutes. Our 'Mobile-Mix' equipment is capable of delivering you a product that is comparable in every aspect to that of pre-mixed concrete.


The Continuous Batching System - How It Works

(1) Raw materials are carried in separate compartments. Precise production specifications are accomplished at the job site as the concrete is being produced and can be changed almost instantly to accommodate a different design mix. The conveyor belt (2) carries sand and rock (side-by-side) through adjustable material gates (3) located at the rear of the conveyor hopper. Cement is metered onto the conveyor at a constant rate through a mechanically linked rotary airlock vane feeder (4). Mix design changes are easily made by raising and lowering the metering gates. Accuracy is assured because cement is always metered at a constant volume per foot of conveyor belt movement. Cement is the constant and sand and rock are adjusted proportionally to achieve a specific mix design. As the proportioned materials enter the mixing auger (5), then and only then, water is added. Thus, no wasted materials.

Our System Gives You Longer Working Time

Our Continuous Batching System eliminates the possibility of a 'Hot Load' arriving at your job site and removed the working time confinements often encountered when working with pre-mixed concrete, thereby giving you longer working time.